Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 8

'I Love My Daddy' onesie:                                                       'I'm The Big Brother' t-shirt:


Edward and Bella's House

The Living Room:

The Kitchen:

The Dining Room:

Edward and Bella's Room:

Nate's Room:

Thought I'd include some extra here they are!

Bella's Engagement Ring:                                                Edward's Wedding Band:

Bella's Wedding Dress:



      Bella:                                                                                           Edward:

Nate (Edward and Bella's son)

     Alice:                                                                                                    Jasper:
                                                  Jayden and Jared (Jasper and Alice's Twins) 

       Rosalie:                                                                                       Emmett:

Henry (Emmett and Rosalie's son)                         Lily (Emmett and Rosalie's daughter)


                                       Charlie and Renee (Bella and Emmett's parents)



                             Carlisle and Esme (Edward and Alice's parents)